Information Transparency

Our information transparency is indispensable to building confidence in business, and public reporting is a crucial component of this process. The focus placed by stakeholders on the evolution of these processes is ever-growing as evidenced by the current trend of increasing demand for information, including non-financial aspects and performance.

PJSC Rostelecom’s press service provides information related to its operations to all federal and regional mass media and informs them on important industry events. In 2018, the Company’s publications and mentions amounted to 140,000, including over 9,000 mentions in the context of its social policy. The Company publishes the information on all material aspects of its business on the corporate website In 2018, the number of the website’s visitors increased to 4.5 million users (compared to 3.4 million in 2017), and the number of views amounted to 12.2 million (compared to 9.3 million in 2017). All news, the information on corporate projects, non-cash incentive programmes, and benefits for employees are published on the intranet portal and corporate social network. Almost 90 thousand employees are registered on the portal, while the number of unique daily users amounts to about 30 thousand people. The Rostelecom Vestnik corporate newsletter is issued for the employees of Rostelecom and the Group companies. Rostelecom PRO customer magazine is issued twice a year as a supplement to the newsletter. The Company publishes annual and sustainability reports every year. The Corporate TV covers all regions of Rostelecom’s operations.

The Company has 38 federal and regional social media profiles with the aggregate number of subscribers exceeding 670 thousand (671,895 subscribers in February 2019). In addition to reading news, users can leave feedback. For details on corporate social responsibility see:

Annual media tours across all operating regions are held for journalists and bloggers to make the media community acquainted with the Company’s current operations, new projects, and strategic initiatives.