SMEs access to Rostelecom’s procurement

Rostelecom is focused on expanding the range of procurement participants, also by engaging SMEs. We have in place a dedicated procurement hotline and a rapid feedback loop. We also have a website section dedicated to procuring from, and providing support to, SMEs.

Procurement enhancement initiatives have helped Rostelecom to significantly increase the share of SMEs in its procurement and improve the respective value for money indicators.

In 2018, procurement contracts awarded to SMEs totalled RUB 108.7 billion, including RUB 33.7 billion under the special procurement contracts awarded to SMEs.

In 2018, 65% of Rostelecom’s procurement contracts were awarded to SMEs (59.1% in 2017), while the share of special procurement from SMEs stood at 20.5% of our total procurement (17.5% in 2017). Special procurement contracts are awarded to SMEs only and cover a limited range of products and services included into the Russian Classification of Products by Economic Activities (ОКPD 2), registration code: ОК 034-2014 (CPA 2008).