Company Overview and Structure

PJSC Rostelecom is a key player in the market for digital services and solutions, operating across all segments of the industry. Millions of Russian households use Rostelecom’s services. We lead the Russian broadband and Pay TV market, with more than 13 million broadband subscribers and 10.2 million Pay TV users, including over 5.2 million households subscribed to a unique nationwide product, Interactive (Interactive IP TV) (up 8% year-on-year).

Stakeholder group Engagement 2016 2017 2018
Shareholders Dividend payments, RUB m 15,000 14,050 6,961Data for PJSC Rostelecom.
Employees Total headcount, thousand 143 134 129
Salary expenses, RUB m 66,018 67,238 69,812
Investment in training, RUB m 453 464 496Data for PJSC Rostelecom.
Contributions to Telecom-Soyuz and Alliance private pension funds, RUB m 704 164 757
Health and safety expenses, RUB m 551 641 698
Government Income tax, RUB m 4,692 4,856 4,427
Other taxes, RUB m 5,079 4,661 5,747
Society Member fees, charity contribution, payments to labour units, RUB m 660 697 767
Environment Environmental expenditure, RUB m 129 105 112
Other environmental expenditures, RUB m 7 21 48

The Group’s revenue for FY2018 was RUB 320.2 billion (up 5% year-on-year), with OIBDA at RUB 100.9 billion (up 4%), and net profit at RUB 15.0 billion (up 7%).

In the telecommunications market, Rostelecom is a reliable partner for Russian government authorities and corporate users at all levels.

The Company is a recognised technology leader offering innovative solutions for e-government systems, cloud computing, healthcare, education, security, and utilities.

Rostelecom’s stable financial position is confirmed by the following credit ratings: «ВBВ—» from Fitch Ratings, «ВВ+» from Standard & Poor’s, as well as «AA(RU)» assigned by the Analytical Credit Rating Agency (ACRA).

By consistently paying all applicable taxes, PJSC Rostelecom makes a substantial contribution to the country’s economy. Our tax reporting is transparent and can serve as a model for other corporate taxpayers. Rostelecom’s income tax and other taxes for 2018 totalled RUB 10,174 million, up by RUB 557 million year-on-year.

With a headcount of 128,600 employees, PJSC Rostelecom remains one of Russia’s largest employers.