Rostelecom – a Partner Delivering Russia’s Digital Transformation Infrastructure

“Achieving digital maturity and fostering digital culture is a journey Russia has to take in the near future.”

Mikhail Oseevsky, President of PJSC Rostelecom

PJSC Rostelecom is a major contributor to Russia’s social, environmental, cultural, and economic development. Our programmes are a natural continuation of the public policy and our corporate strategy of digitally transforming Russia’s regions.

PJSC Rostelecom’s resources serve as a technology platform driving the development of Russia’s digital economy and taking communication and cooperation between all sustainability stakeholders to a fundamentally new level.

The Company contributes to the sustainable development of Russian society in many areas — enabling initiatives in healthcare, education, equal access to public services, transport upgrades, energy development, agriculture, and natural disaster risk mitigation.

Rostelecom is a partner for the government in driving the implementation of the Digital Economy of the Russian Federation national programme. Business, expert communities, government, and civil society have been pooling their efforts to achieve the Programme’s goals by 2024 across five focus areas: regulation, education and talent pipeline, cyber security, enhancing R&D capabilities and building IT infrastructure.

The initiatives pursued by Rostelecom under the Digital Economy of the Russian Federation national programme also contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. For more details see also the Investing in Society and Delivering High-Quality Services to Customers sections.

Our effective partnership with the government under the Digital Economy of the Russian Federation programme not only drives the achievement of our key objectives but also helps address the issues at the interface of our core focus areas. In particular, the Smart City project helps improve the quality of life for Russian citizens while building modern information infrastructure and boosting Russia’s overall economic potential.

Rostelecom facilitates Russia’s comprehensive integration into the global information society while focusing on building modern information and telecommunications infrastructure both at the regional and national levels. We have already started using FOCL to bring broadband services to healthcare centres across Russia and have been rolling out fibre-based broadband to schools and other community facilities within specific connectivity projects. Rostelecom makes full use of its R&D and production capabilities to deploy fibre across all Russian regions.

In 2018, the Company launched its new five-year strategy, focused on transformation into a key digital partner for households, business, and government customers. Rostelecom is evolving from a telecoms operator offering traditional services such as data transmission and storage, into a provider of an entire range of advanced digital services, while maintaining its focus on core infrastructure development.

Among other things, the Company’s strategy provides for changes in technical infrastructure, IT, HR, and other internal processes, including developing and supporting an advanced innovation management system. Successful implementation of the new strategy will allow us to automate, accelerate, and simplify connecting digital partner services, as well as expanding the offerings of our own digital services.

Strategic analysis suggests that digital transformation of cities (smart city initiatives), data centre and cloud services, cyber security, digital government, big data analytics, artificial intelligence, Industrial IoT, and digital transformation of Russian industries will be the key growth drivers for our business in the coming years.
PJSC Rostelecom’s programmes driving the delivery within specific focus areas of the Digital Economy of the Russian Federation national programme
PJSC Rostelecom’s programmes Focus areas of the Digital Economy of the Russian Federation programme
Regulation Talent pipeline and education Enhancing R&D capabilities and technology potential Information infrastructure Information security Quality of life and work for Russian citizens Developing the national economy through information and telecommunications technology
Long-Term Incentive Programme for 2020–2022
Corruption Risk Mitigation Programme for 2018 (the «Compliance Programme»)
Anti-corruption programmes at 30 subsidiaries and affiliates
Distance and classroom training on anti-corruption
Drafting and submitting to the Russian Government amendments to the regulations introducing a list of measures to enhance the effectiveness of the national anti-corruption policy
Basics of the Digital Economy project
Ticket to the Future careers festival
Online Lectorium, a new educational project
Affordable supplementary education for children
Rostelecom Lyceum project
Training under the Sberbank 2020 programme
Training under the New Rostelecom Leadership Development programme at the SKOLKOVO Moscow School of Management
Arctic Young Engineers festival
24th annual P.M Golubitsky Competition
Rostelecom’s showcase zones across Quantorium technology parks for children
Cyberchallenge Competition (in cooperation with the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and Sirius Educational Centre)
Series of workshops for parents under the Media Safety project
Crash course in information security (in cooperation with the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and Sirius Educational Centre)
Offering Rostelecom customers antivirus software developed together with Doctor Web and Kaspersky Lab
Parental Control service
Participating in the nationwide Unified Online Safety Lesson
Providing modern digital connectivity to healthcare institutions
Bridging the Digital Divide project
Integrated Identification and Authentication System
Unified Biometric System
Services for the Great Patriotic War (WWII) veterans
Watch the Exam — video surveillance during the Unified State Exam (USE)
E-Government project under the Electronic Russia federal targeted programme
RT.Health project
Smart City