Rostelecom ensures the smooth operation of the e-government infrastructure providing citizens with digital access to public services.

With Rostelecom launching a back-up data centre in 2018, the system has become even more reliable. The back-up data centre will ensure the uninterrupted operation of the infrastructure in the event of incidents in the Federal Data Centre.

The e-government services are rapidly gaining traction, with the number of public services (e-government) portal users growing to 86 million in 2018, the number of visits up by 30% year-on-year, and the volume of payments reaching RUB 52.6 billion. Company Overview and Structure Development Strategy Corporate.
13 million
broadband subscribers
Rostelecom is the operator of choice for building the digital economy in Russia.

Wi-Fi access points with bandwidths of at least 10 Mbps were installed during 2018 in 8,000 communities with a population between 250 and 500 people.

Digital transformation of cities (smart city initiatives), data centre and cloud services, cyber security, digital government, big data analytics, artifcial intelligence, Industrial IoT, and digital transformation of Russian industries will be our key innovation priorities in the coming years.
Smart City projects implemented across more than
Russian regions
Rostelecom’s salary expenses increased by 4% to RUB 69.8 billion in 2018.

Our employees use advanced digital services, including corporate mobile applications, when implementing business projects and resolving work-related issues.

Our comprehensive staff training system includes online services and is focused on digital skills.
45 thousand
employees trained online
Our Digital Equality Integrated Social Programme is aimed at improving the accessibility of digital services for underprivileged and vulnerable groups of people.

The programme includes projects such as ABC of the Internet, Growth, Learn the Internet — Manage It!, Social Impact Award, Internet for Social Infrastructure Facilities, Computerisation of Orphanages, and Distance Learning for Disabled Children.
85 thousand
pensioners completed the ABC of the Internet course in 2018
Rostelecom’s total environmental investments amounted to RUB 160 million in 2018.

In pursuing its smart city initiatives, Rostelecom also contributes to lower energy consumption and reduced environmental footprint.

Rostelecom cuts polluting emissions down by improving its waste disposal performance and retiring outdated vehicles.
tonnes of waste paper collected by our employees and handed over for recycling
Rostelecom is a market leader in high-speed internet access and retail Pay TV. We are building a digital ecosystem which includes Smart Home solutions, online education services, telemedicine technology, and other services. Rostelecom also leads the market in telecommunications services for government authorities and corporate users at all levels.

Rostelecom is a market leader in innovative solutions for e-government systems, cyber security, data centres, cloud computing, healthcare, education, and utilities. Since 2018, Rostelecom has been the operator of the national Unifed Biometric System, enabling remote banking services.
55 %
of the Company’s revenue was generated by digital services
Stakeholder engagement is an indispensable component of responsible business practice. Rostelecom considers and maintains the balance of interests between all stakeholders, thereby reducing risks and identifying new opportunities. We engage our stakeholders through mass media, ofcial websites, profles on social media, and corporate media. The Company has 38 federal and regional social media profles with the aggregate number of subscribers exceeding 670 thousand.

In 2018, 4.5 million users visited our website while mentions in the mass media exceeded 140 thousand
4.5 million
users visited the Company’s website