Ensuring Workplace Safety

RUB 697.8 million
— Rostelecom’s expenditure on occupational health and safety in 2018.

Rostelecom focuses on specific programmes and activities ensuring occupational health and safety for employees (both own employees and contractors) engaged in installation, operation, and maintenance of towers, base stations, and other facilities, as well as fibre deployment.

The absence of any health and safety issues in 2018 is reflective of Rostelecom’s strong health and safety performance. The Company’s trade union members are actively involved in supervising and advising on workplace health and safety programmes. No working time was lost due to industrial disputes or strikes.

Rostelecom’s Karelia Branch ranked the best product company in Karelia in terms of occupational health and safety.

Rostelecom’s Karelia Branch won the Etalon Association’s competition in the Success and Safety category as the best product company in Karelia in terms of occupational safety and health. The competition was initiated by the Russian Ministry of Labour and Social Protection to raise awareness of workplace safety issues and promote best practice sharing for occupational safety and health. The event is held every year in each Russian region to select the best employer in various sectors. The Karelia Branch was the winner in the category for product companies employing more than 500 people, chosen from among the five major employers operating in the Republic of Karelia and competing for the award. In the overall rating of Russian companies, Rostelecom’s Karelia Branch was ranked 71st for compliance with labour laws and workplace safety standards.

The Company monitors harmful factors such as carcinogens, noise, and airborne particles, as well as ergonomic factors. The Company has all new workplaces assessed for compliance as per the Federal Law On Special Assessment of Working Conditions dated 28 December 2013. In 2018, one fatal accident was recorded occurring due to a breach of safety rules when operating electrical equipment.

Our contracts with service providers always include health and safety requirements. Following special assessments of working conditions, we design and implement corrective actions in order to improve the level of occupational health and safety at Rostelecom.

The Company’s injury rate in 2018 was 0.27, down from 0.31 in 2017 and below the industry average of 0.36.

The safety of employees working at heights, exposed to electric shocks, electromagnetic or radio-frequency fields, or hazardous chemicals is monitored through special assessments of working conditions, regular health and safety compliance audits, and proper, timely training. All employees have the right to refuse a task they believe to be dangerous to their health or life.

We promote safe work through training, briefing, and participation in fire fighting drills.

The Occupational Health and Safety Centre and the Network Operations Centre have adopted an incident reporting procedure for business unit and functional heads to keep them involved in health and safety activities.

In 2018, the Company recovered RUB 23 million from the Social Insurance Fund for organising occupational health and safety events and providing health resort treatments to employees.

In 2018, employees from the pilot units of four macroregional branches were provided with the Company’s first branded protective clothing with improved performance.

Our health and safety improvement projects involve the technical and health and safety experts from all macroregional branches to ensure the full-fledged, comprehensive development of new standards.